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Park Villa Nursing Home offers a form of short-term, temporary relieve to family care givers in the form of Respite Care. Even though many families enjoy being able to provide care to their loved ones at home, the physical and emotional strains of doing so can be overwhelming. Respite care offers support in the form of a ‘short-break’ to family care givers. Respite Care visits can be scheduled for a few days to up to a few weeks at a time. Feel free to contact the nursing home to learn more about this service.

Park Villa Nursing Home offers Adult Day Care. This service will provide relief for caregivers while allowing the senior to still live at home with the caregiver when the day is over. Transportation within the Clyde area can be provided. For caregivers the adult day care service can provide respite care, enabling caregivers to work or to have a break from their caregiving responsibilities. Please contact us for information.

Park Villa Nursing Home offers a daily nutritional lunch delivery service. The daily menu listing can be found on our ACTIVIY CALENDAR. For more information and pricing details contact Cindi at 785.446.2818. To ensure same day delivery call before 10:00 a.m.