Contact: Mary Sue Stimatze, Administrator, 785-446-2818

May 1, 2018

Residents now ride in comfort at the Park Villa Nursing Home in Clyde. On medical trips and other outings, they travel in a sleek 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan that can accommodate a wheel chair.

The purchase of this vehicle was made possible by a Dane G. Hansen Foundation grant and generous community support, including grants from the Clyde Area Foundation and the Duclos Foundation. The Dean Koch family also honored Park Villa with the 2017 proceeds of the Lance Koch Memorial Road Rally, dedicated to the purchase of this van.

This elegant, steely-blue vehicle offers a quiet and smooth ride. Residents of the Home can easily see the road and comfortably visit with the driver.

On a February trip to a doctor in Salina, Leroy Bremerman was energized by being able, once again, to clearly see the road ahead and the familiar landmarks of Highway 81, a landscape that for him was filled with story. Along on that trip was Park Villa Nursing Home Administrator and friend of Leroy’s, Mary Sue Stimatze.

Mr. Bremerman’s wheelchair was secured where he could easily see out the front window and share the stories of that landscape. He told about the person who lived here and the couple that died in a plane crash there, adding that perhaps they should allow a little more space between them and the vehicle in front of them. He described how an old farmstead had once been on this land, and oh, there’s a vehicle waiting to pull out onto the highway ahead. It was a good trip for both of them, one they finished with a tour of Miltonvale, Mr. Bremerman’s home town. Leroy Bremerman died on March 11th, but the joy they shared on this trip will live on with his friend, Mary Sue Stimatze.

Park Villa Nursing Home is a community-owned and operated home with a dedicated staff. The Home is committed to providing its residents with loving care in a small-town atmosphere.