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At Park Villa Nursing Home, we take great pride in providing a calm, comfortable home and living environment for our residents. We are located in the rural community of Clyde in North Central Kansas. Clyde is an active, close-knit community where neighbors help neighbors and individuals strive to create and maintain the best of small town life.  

The smaller size of our nursing home and the friendly, small-town atmosphere of Clyde is just one of the many positive aspects when considering Park Villa Nursing Home for your loved one. Due to the small size of our nursing home, we are able to offer a much more personable home environment for our residents. With a vast amount of one-on-one interaction and care, we are able to get to know the unique personalities, interests and specific needs of each of our residents. We are then able to incorporate this personal knowledge with individualized care and planned activities.

Park Villa residents greatly benefit from the friendly and caring members of the Clyde community. A variety of ages of individuals and organizations from the community visit our residents – providing stimulating interaction, live entertainment opportunities, and much enjoyment.

Whether you’re searching for short-term or long-term care, Park Villa Nursing Home provides its residents with a safe and friendly environment. We strive to provide comprehensive and optimal care for your loved one.

Placing your loved one in a nursing home is a very difficult decision, and we are here to assist you in making that process easier.
Residents Ride in Comfort!

Thanks to the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, the Dean Koch family for the gift of the Lance Koch Memorial Road Rally funds for 2017, and to all the people in the Clyde and Park Villa communities who have supported this project, including the Clyde Area Foundation and Duclos Foundations. 
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Leroy Bremerman can see the road ahead in the new Park Villa Nursing Home van. It's a much smoother, quieter ride than in the old Shuttle Bus. 

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